A Letter to Our Readers: 16 Things We’d Like to Share With You

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When you start up a business, you hope for success. You stay up at night praying that all of your hard work will one day be worth it. But it is not guaranteed. Instead, it happens by chance, possibly by fate. So having all of you here right now, reading this still amazes us, and we are forever grateful that we can touch the lives of so many around us. 

Over the years, our readers have grown in great leaps and bounds. Your continued love, readership, and support have made it everything that it is today! We could say so much, much more, and we will! We have put it together for you to read in this letter to our readers. 

We have created a simple list of just a few things we would love to share with all of our online readers. Firstly, a huge thanks goes to you; we are grateful for your support. We have always wanted a close relationship with our readers and would love to hear if you have anything to contribute or suggest that might make what we do even better. 

1. Thank you for your support.

First off, let’s extend a warm thanks to you all for being here. You have shown us continued support not only in business but overall. You indeed hold the power, and you have transformed how we think about our online business. You’re not just readers and customers – you’re family. We’ve received tremendous support on our projects, and each one of our team members is overwhelmed with how caring and supportive you have been.

2. Gratitude is a powerful emotion.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that some may find more rewarding to express in action than in words. But as our loyal readers, we hope that you find our words comforting and know that we wrote them with complete and utter gratitude! Most of you join us daily, and being able to share and connect with you every day is a joy and blessing to us all. 

3. Your continued support.

When we started our online business, we had hopes and dreams. When you joined us as our readers, those hopes and dreams became a reality. This doesn’t happen because someone reads our content once. It happens because of consistent and ongoing support. Your continued support is something we respect and want to nurture.

4. Personal contact.

As a business team, we have always craved personal contact with our readers. We don’t want to be people on the other end of a screen. We want to be people you can reach out to and people you look to when you need advice, guidance, or high-quality content. We have all of the facilities in place to provide you with personal contact on any feedback or queries, and I would love to hear from all of you!

5. Our commitment to you.

Come what may, we want to be there for you. We are committed to ensuring that the content you love to read is delivered to your inbox or readily available on our website every single day. No excuses and no exceptions. We’ve got our finger to the pulse of what interests our reader base, and we can’t wait to get right back to work creating even better content for you.

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6. Our readers are the heart of what we do.

Our readers indeed are the heart of what we do. Without you, our business would be nothing. To ensure that we’re always presenting what you’re looking for, we wholeheartedly encourage input from our readers. Drop us a line with your idea, suggestions, or complaints. We want to serve you – after all, you’re the only reason this is all possible. 

7. Do you have any feedback?

Keeping our visitors happy is always at the top of our priority list! We would love to hear from you if you would like anything to be altered to create the best browsing experience for you. Your feedback in any situation helps us improve what we are doing and allows us to best cater to your needs. We’d love to hear from you. 

8. Business and community go hand in hand.

A business like this and a community go hand in hand. We are more than proud of what we have been able to create here—a place where we are all happy and able to appreciate the content we are creating and sharing. Likewise, building a relationship of trust with our readers is of high value to us. Do you think we can improve on this, and if so, how? 

9. Our commitment to delivering great content.

Every piece that we put out is done to better the society around us and make a difference. We are constantly changing things up to ensure that you, as our readers, are kept happy. We stand by our promise to offer top-notch content that continues to make an impact on our loyal reader base.

10. Our efforts to innovate.

As online creators and innovators, we constantly look through other websites and pages to ensure we’re offering our readers value. Finding new innovative ideas and ways to better what we have, perfection is the aim of the game. While we believe we offer great content, we believe there is always room to improve. Is there something we’re missing? How can we better serve our readers, and how can we be more inclusive?

11. We understand your efforts.

We understand that the cost of just living a daily life has gone up tremendously, especially in the hard times that we are living in now. This is why we understand just how important each of our readers is and that it takes not only time but effort to come and visit, and read what we put out.

12. Sharing our passion is an honor.

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We’re a passionate team – if you’ve ever dealt with any of us, you’ll know that. We don’t just see our work as “work,” but rather as a passion being brought to life. Every piece of advice and information we share is done with you, the end-user, in mind. And while we are passionate about sharing, we are also honored that we get to do that with you. 

13. We are humbled.

It is our biggest privilege to have the chance to serve you. Your support and satisfaction are what drive us to keep doing what we do. Our team is humbled by the community that has significantly impacted our workforce.

14. Wow! You chose us and kept choosing us! 

Every time you click on our websites, every time you read an article, you are choosing us, above all of the other choices out there, and for this, we cannot say thank you enough. We want you to know that we see this, understand it, and are truly humbled by each of you who choose us every day!

15. We choose you.

 We choose you, each day, every day. Our efforts have proven not to be in vain since it has been confirmed that you love what we do! We will continue to provide you with content that keeps you coming back for more. We are expanding our vision and making sure that you, as our readers, are kept happy. We choose you.

16. Words of wisdom.

Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” This is something we firmly believe. We believe that we can have a greater impact on society and the world around us in whatever small way possible. So we hope that you, too, will take that leap, climb the mountain you have put off for too long and make the changes that you wish you had made earlier.

Final words

Building a strong readership and loyal online community is something that takes time and effort, but because we have such a great community, it doesn’t really feel like “work.” If you’ve been supporting us all this time, or even if you’ve just discovered us, we’d like to extend a wholehearted “thank you.”

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