An Open Letter to Our Staff: 15 Things We Want You To Know

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First and foremost, I would like to thank all my staff members for their continued work and dedication!

Every one of you is at the top of your game every single day. You do what needs to be done. You keep our customers happy and always put the needs of the business first, and for that, I cannot be more thankful.

Your contribution to the success of our business has allowed us to expand, keep our readers happy, and make work the place to be!

With a dedicated team like ours, we have grown Ropcaf into something really special. I am forever grateful that you share and hold this business’s vision as close to your hearts as I do!

To my loyal employees: here’s what I want you to know. I am tremendously grateful for your service. As a team lead, I value and acknowledge the hard work and many hours that have gone into the heart of this business. I appreciate your dedication, and willingness to learn, and would like to do more to make your work experience more rewarding. We’d also like to find out your thoughts and ideas for growing our business and family for success for many years to come.

Here are some things I want you to know going forward in our business adventure together. So make sure that you read on and take my words of thanks to heart!

1. I’d like to say “Thank You.” 

I would like to start by just thanking you. Each day you come into the office with the same hard-working, enthusiastic tendencies you had on your very first day. I want to thank you for making this business your priority and that you continue putting in your bests efforts to make sure that you make a success of your role and therefore adding to the success of the business overall. 

I want you to know that I see you, and I am eternally grateful! Every win we experience is your win too. Your efforts are not in vain, and because of you, we have created a successful business that provides each of our families with stability today.

2. Look how far we have come.

With your hard work and extended efforts, we have grown this business beyond our wildest expectations. Together, we have learned what works for us and how to work together as a team, allowing us to create what I could call “a dream team.” From a humble team of just two people, we have grown into the country-wide group we are today, from home working to having an office space. 

Wow, just look how far we have come! We have come excessively far from where we first started, and the thanks go to you for putting in the hard work and showing up each day, making sure you complete your tasks to the best of your abilities – that’s what makes all the difference.

3. Let’s power through the difficult days.

Each day at the office may not be a breeze, and when the stress takes over, it may be hard to bring your best self forward. However, learning to understand each other and having patience with each other has been part of our support structure. 

Although it may get complicated, you push through the hard work and my sometimes unconventional ways each day and still somehow make the most of every opportunity put before you. If there are any coping strategies that might make the tough days easier, we would love to hear more about those ideas from you. 

4. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

The days are long, and the work takes discipline. Hard work and a dedicated team are the heart of any business, and that’s where I see you – at the heart of this business. Your overtime, your extra efforts, the things you have had to learn along the way are our secrets to success, and these efforts have not gone unnoticed. 

We’d love to show you more appreciation and would like to open up a dialogue about how that can happen. I see this and know just how much time and effort you put into creating the best result for this business.

5. You can always speak to me.

In this company, we pride ourselves on having an open-door policy. It doesn’t matter what position or rank you hold in the business; management’s door is always open to you for all matters, big or small. So let’s nurture open lines of communication so that our relationship can grow from strength to strength.

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6. Do you have any ideas for better production?

Have you been dabbling with some ideas of how you think we could make things work better around here? Is there a method or strategy that would make your job easier while boosting production too? We’d love to hear these ideas. It’s easy for management to overlook these finer details when we’re not always on the floor or the driving force behind the “machine” of our business. We encourage you to speak up, open up, and share.

7. Determination is key.

Determination is something that courses through our veins. When a challenge presents itself, we don’t give up, run away or forward the client somewhere else. Instead, we buckle down. We dig in our heels, and we huddle as a team to find workable solutions to overcome the challenge. I have seen this in action time and again within this business, which I genuinely admire and respect. 

8. This company’s vision and how you can contribute.

Having a shared vision is something that has driven our business’s success over the years. This is the very reason we have weekly meetings; to remind us of the vision and ensure that we’re all on the same page. When the vision remains on track, so does the business. We believe that in keeping these meetings consistent and in encouraging you all to participate, we can keep our vision on track while it grows and expands with us.

9. The positive feedback is overwhelming.

Since the start, we have heard nothing but great feedback from readers regarding the work you deliver. Good work ethic and quality results are the best way to promote the business’s name, and obviously, you’re doing it right. But, of course, there are always ways to improve on what we’re doing right, and we would like to encourage more input from team members on how we can take readers’ satisfaction up a notch.

10. Is there anything you hope was done differently?

As in any workforce, there may be some things you feel could be improved. This ultimately ties in with the open-door policy. If there is something that you think can be done differently or even changed, from production to marketing to client liaison, let’s put it on the table and discuss it.

11. I trust you!

Trust is impeccably important in any relationship, even in ours. I can say that I fully trust you and your intentions with the work you deliver. I hope you can say the same. I greatly value that I have a team as unique as you that I can fully trust with delivering a high standard of work every day.

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12. Let’s remain team players.

Doing everything with a united front has been what has contributed most to the business’s overall success. Of course, not everyone will love everyone else, but we have been quite lucky to end up with a team that gets along so well. We are planning to do some team-building exercises in the future to help you as a team develop deeper bonds and keep working as team players. We encourage everyone to get enthusiastic and fully participate in these events.

13. Don’t forget about work-life balance. 

As a business, we have found that a work-life balance is crucial to be able to deliver your best work for the company. Although we love to see how dedicated you are to your work, remember to balance your time between your job and your family. Setting realistic work hours and requesting time off for important family responsibilities when you need them is something we encourage. If you’re excelling at work, we want you to excel at home too.

14. Let’s talk about incentives.

While reaching goals and earning your way in this world is an incentive to work hard, we want to do more to make hard work and achievements something you aspire to. We’ve had a few incentives along the way. Still, we would like each team to develop incentive ideas (realistic options, of course) that we can use as possible incentives going forward. Having input and working around your wants and needs is right at the top of our list of priorities. 

15. Without you, this would not be possible.

None of this wouldn’t be possible without you! Your continued hard work has made it a dream to work with you, and we are so appreciative that you have helped us expand this business to where it is now. Again, none of this would be possible without you, and you need to know that!

On a final note

Appreciation for our team is something we feel strongly about. As part of our business team, you are part of the Ropcaf family. And if there’s one message that’s bigger than all the rest in this letter, it’s that you are our driving force, and we want to show you appreciation in any way possible. Again, thank you!

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