14 Reasons Written Content is Still Relevant in This Day and Age

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The world has never been more digitalized, and information is running up against the speed of light. Every hour, we produce an abundant amount of data. On a daily basis, people around the globe create and post incredible amounts of written content. Print may be dying, but writing has never been so dear to us. Just stop to think how much of your day is saturated with reading, writing, and texting – opposed to conversing!

Is written content important and relevant in this day and age? Indeed, people today read and write more than they’ve ever done in all history. Creating written content should be a priority of any business. Consistent, engaging, and high-quality content is the guaranteed way to influence the audience, to build brand equity and a strong image. Written content is cost-effective, boosts online visibility, and has the potential to skyrocket sales when done right. 

Want to learn more ways on how written content is good for your business? Read on!

14 reasons why written content is extremely important and relevant today! 

1. Written content is cost-effective.

When considering marketing options, cost is always a major concern. For the past several years, we’ve heard a lot about videos dominating the content marketing industry. Video production has indeed become easier.

Compared to a video, the price of a blog article is nothing. As long as you have a computer and can write, it’s a costless way to generate revenue for your business. In the long haul, written content always pulls out strongly in the financial battle compared to video marketing.

2. Makes you prominent through SEO.

There are a variety of marketing techniques, including video, written content, and infographics. Nevertheless, written marketing content has always been and will be the king in SEO.

The more high-quality and consistent content you create, the higher you will be ranked in search engines. By mastering the skill of reaching the top of the searches, content creators can pull in many visitors, resulting in increased prominence and profit.

3. Helps your videos rank higher.

Videos are indeed a great way to reach people, but they can never rank without the aid of written content. SEO is smart, but it is totally dependant on written content (or captions). Summaries, keywords, and subtitles are a must to help drive SEO. So, however superb your video might be, it can quickly disappear on the vast web without well-written content.

4. It Informs readers more quickly.

A well-written article can provide you with information more efficiently. Have you ever watched a video to the end only to realize that you didn’t find what you needed?

You can quickly skim through written articles and identify the information you need. Most of the time, they are also organized with subtitles and arranged in paragraphs, helping you find what you need. However, you must view a video completely as skipping through parts might make you lose on crucial information. Little by little, the time spent on irrelevant videos adds up to hours and even days. Fortunately, written content avoids all this and helps you get straight to the point.

5. Boosts your business sales.

Consistent, stellar writing pulls in more visitors and leads like no other advertisement tactic. Of course, videos have their place in the marketing process, but people might take videos less seriously than written content.

In contrast to traditional advertisement, written content allows customers to meet you on a personal level – to discover your personality and your values. Well-written content is a fabulous way to draw in website visitors, convert them into leads, and from there to clients.

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6. Written content doesn’t make any noise.

Yes, written content doesn’t have sound! And that’s one main reason people still prefer them. Video content can be disturbing in many situations, and everyone knows it.

Maybe you’re in the office with your colleague or with a sleepy baby. We’ve all been in those situations where reading is much more convenient and appropriate than watching. A significant amount of people tend to watch videos with sound off in their mobiles. Therefore, written captions are crucial because people might watch their videos without sound.

Although videos have gained a stronghold, they still can’t do without written words, and written content is still a great medium to learn.

7. People are content-hungry.

With all the technology and devices, it might seem like reading is going down. However, many people still preferred to read. From the moment they wake up, people are constantly consuming content on their phones, whether it’s writing or video content. People are hungry for content, so go ahead and give it to them!

8. Gain trust.

A significant reason why well-written content is essential for business is that it builds trust. Overall, customers are more likely to trust and use services and products from companies that craft good content that they can identify with.  

9. Show off your talent.

What does your writing say about you?

Despite living in an age where attention spans dwindle around a few seconds, people are still keen on recognizing good and bad writing. Good writing skills draw in attention and admiration from people. So, if you’re someone with advanced writing skills, you’re bound to get a lot of respect from your employers.

Displaying your skills through written content is an excellent way to gain attention, respect, and great relationships.

10. Sets you apart from competitors.

Doing business in today’s fast-paced world is intensified with fierce competition. Old companies face competition from innovative young start-ups. Then, competitors often merge, forming giants that small businesses often cannot compete with.

Fortunately, content marketing is the perfect power boost you need to survive this ever-changing competitive battlefield. Great written content that demonstrates your unique personality is a highly effective way to set yourself apart from the crowd. As you weave your values and culture into your content, buyers will find your content and be inspired to buy from you. Written content is indeed a great asset to any small business in a competitive world.

11. Share and earn links.

Including links to other websites is an integral part of content writing. It helps you stand out as a credible and helpful source of information, creating a higher chance that visitors will return to your site. Likewise, you can expect your content to be mentioned and linked by others on their sites!

12. Build brand awareness.

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One of the primary reasons why written content is vital to a business is to build brand awareness. Pushing your awesome content through blogs, newsletters, and social accounts ensures that the Internet is aware of your presence. Regular posting is a great tool to create a brand out of your business.

13. Authentic content is in demand.

With billions of people scouring the Internet for information, educational content has never been more in demand. Search algorithms and analysts have realized that people aren’t after poor content anymore.

People who read are those who really want to learn. They aren’t there to be entertained by fluff or terse content. So, get out there and be the one to provide enriching, deep content to those seekers!

14. Become more popular.

People cannot stay without sharing the good news. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur blogger or running a business. If your content is valuable and has an attention-grabbing headline, it won’t take much time for people to start passing it around all over social media. Written content is a fabulous way to gain popularity on social media.

Last word

Is video taking over written content? The decreasing attention spans are concerning. Should you discredit written content based on the fact alone? The answer is NO! It’s your company’s road to success, and people now crave solid words that answer their questions. Written content is more important than ever.

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